A monument as a tribute

For many years a group of people, interested in the history of the Second World War, considered to excavate the remaining Bristol Hercules aircraft engine. After all, the exact location was still known. The right moment came on 19 January 1985, when most Dutch canals and and meadows were deep frozen. Due to the severe frost an excavation with a small excavator was possible. In particular, the Diemen amateur historian and publicist Frits Reurekas was the initiator of this successful recovery project.

After cleaning, the historic aircraft engine was fitted with a roll-able iron framework by Messrs. Royal Saan. Now the approximately 900 kg heavy aircraft engine could easily be moved and exhibited. For a while the engine was exhibited in the aircraft museum in Lelystad. During the 50-year commemoration of the Second World War in the Netherlands, the engine was temporarily displayed in the old Diemen Shopping Centre 'Diemerplein'.

Because of the initiatives of members of the Diemen Historical Society (Historische Kring Diemen) and assistance of Messrs. Royal Saan, it was realized to acquire the Bristol Hercules aircraft engine of Wellington HE 154 from private ownership. Temporarily it is added to the collection of the "Saan Museum" located at Diemen.

In consultation, the engine is available to be included in a commemorative monument in honour of the courageous actions of the British / Australian crew members of the HE 154.

A Monument

The Historic Society Diemen has started a project to make a monument of the engine as a tribute to "Crew 49".   

DUE TO COVID-19 the unveiling is postponed till later notice !!! 


A section of the Field of Honour at the Amsterdam cemetery "De Nieuwe Ooster". Here the graves of 323 brave Allied Forces Airmen, who were killed in action in the Northern part of the Netherlands during World War II.

Wiard Krook of the Diemen Historical Society shows Tony Pobjie (Consul of the Embassy of Australia in the Netherlands) the graves of "Crew 49" at cemetery "De Nieuwe Ooster" during Remembrance Day on 10 November 2018.

Bunker where to place the motor